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Tanay Krishna

Motivational Speaker
Empowering people accelerating growth

Tanay Krishna has embarked on a mission to serve, that very few at his age would even think about. His committed attitude towards the cause of life empowerment through spiritual enlightenment make him a true jewel for the society.

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17 Nov . 2020
17Nov . 2020-17Nov . 2020
Shri Dhyandas Kunj, Bankhandi Mahadev, Shri Dham Vrindavan

A vision that is unique .

Rooted to the roots of existence based on simple living and high thinking, his beliefs are found on the following life principles:-

- Valuing one's own self for creating an impact on the society.
- Understanding of the true purpose of being to accomplish lige goals.
- Balancing lifestyles for equal devotion to family and business.
- Sincere investment of time and effort to achieve positive prospects.
- Having an impactful presence around you and being vital in discussion.
- An undying regard for the ancient literatures that hold the life secrets.

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Sanjay Krishna Salil

Spiritual Preacher

He knows how to inspire someone to push him towards his goals and dreams.Tanay is really great motivator, influencing, motivation guru.

Jiivenddra Mishra

Founder and Director at Vrindavan Store

In-depth research and good control over spiritual and religious content

Aditya Yadav

Deployment Regional Manager at Samsung Electronics

Tanay is really great motivator, influencing, dynamic and truely professional motivation guru.

I wish him for great future and success in his spiritual path with modern tools and techniques of vaidic and modern science.


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Tanay Krishna

Catalyst Of Change For Businesses & Individuals

    • Tanay has successfully delivered many Bhagwat Kathas to reputable audiences on major platforms and has accompanied his father Acharya Sanjay Krishna "Salil" ji in preaching of the religious and spiritual lectures to purpose of human existance.
      Tanay Krishna even featured on India News and his credibility as a spiritual guide nad motivational speaker has made him one of the highest demanded speaker in today's time .He has countless pravachans at prominent Sanskar And Aastha channels to his name.

    • I am a bachelor in BBA & further octained a Master Degree in Business Administration.
    • In August 2019, i delivered a successful geeta Parvachan at the
        "Indian High Commission, Kula Lumour, Malaysia"
    • I am always active on a social media channels and updates inspiring spiritual and motivational content across all platforms
    • I have gained a major following among the youth and widely regarded by people from all walks of lie.

Tanay Krishna.

tanay.krishnam@gmail.com www.tanaykrishna.com